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Image Module- the Power of Personal Appearance

  • Image management - Creating positive first impressions & powerful lasting impressions
  • Corporate grooming & dressing- for men & women for climbing the corporate ladder faster
  • The power of Self presentation-Personal Grooming & skin care, hair care, nail care & body odour
  • Business Etiquette & Social Graces- Savoir Faire, Diplomatic communication & avoiding faux pas
  • Fine Dining etiquette & skills- impress with your table manners & crack that business deal at the dinner table
  • Power Dressing Indian style, Western style & Indo-Western- @the 4 levels (Casual, Semi Casual, Business Casual & Formal)
  • Balancing personal style with Roles & Goals- bringing out your inner personality through clothing
  • Colour psychology-understanding the communication of colours & its power on self & others
  • Wardrobe Management, Clustering techniques- the art of creative mixing & matching
  • Guided Personal shopping, Smart tips & styling to enhance appearance, Instant make-overs
  • Coordinating different elements of design in Dressing- colour, texture, pattern, fabric etc.(eg look slim techniques, look tall techniques etc)
  • Body shape evaluation – understanding different body types & dressing techniques for each type to create flattering silhouette
  • Face shape evaluation – reinforcement & countering techniques for each type, suitable hairstyles, necklines & accessories
  • Art of professional Make up – Corporate look & glam look, smokey eyes, Nude look--Make up without looking ‘Made-Up’.
  • Nail Art – for those who desire to up their ‘Style-Quotient
  • Different styles of Saree draping - creating different looks for different occasions
  • Trendy hairdo’s for the smart professional & evening glam look

Soft Skill Trainer Modules

  • Empower- touching your excellence through self motivation
  • Spiritual Dynamics for Corporate Excellence- Why Universal harmony is so important
  • Advance Communication & Listening Skills- Making Communication from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’
  • Nonverbal communication & Body Language- Reading & interpreting body language correctly
  • Advance Business writing skills- Partnering with Reader for professional writing
  • Leadership development- Bring out the Leader within
  • Customer Service (including HNI)- Customer Delight & effective customer handling
  • Conflict Management- different styles & techniques & the art of Style-flexing
  • Team work- Together we can achieve more
  • The 7 dimensions of Goal Setting-for wholesome good living
  • Emotional Intelligence- Why EQ is more valued than IQ
  • Time Management- Optimal use of time constructively,productively,effectively.
  • Managing Stress- for better health, work & relationships-the mind body connection
  • Work Life Balance- How to find the perfect balance.
  • Decision Making- the quality of our lives depends upon the decisions that we make
  • Creativity- Leading Change & thinking out of the box
  • Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP)
  • Power Of Sub-conscious mind- how to program our sub-conscious mind to reach our goals
  • Sales training- how to become a buyer’s consultant
  • Public speaking & Presentation skills- a skill required for climbing that corporate ladder faster
  • College to Corporate transition- Resume, Interview, Group Discussion, Professional etiquette