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Urmila Mitra Chandy

Urmila Mitra Chandy

Urmila has been employed as Flight Purser with Cathay Pacific Airways for over 14 years & was based in Hong Kong. Having travelled extensively to over 30 countries across the world, has gained vast experience & knowledge about International culture, Protocol & Etiquette. She has undergone several trainings overseas and in India in the service related industry.

After a long haul with Aviation & Hospitality, Urmila moved into the world of Media & Production with STAR TV, Hong Kong. She has produced & also lent her voice to several TV serials & Billboards across Star TV channels.

Urmila Mitra Chandy

Urmila Mitra Chandy

In Bangalore, she was employed as Relationship Manager in Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Ltd, where she was heading Personal Insurances department, Viz, Health Insurance.

Thereupon, Urmila launched a unique Finishing School (Finishing Touches Image Consulting) in 2010. She firmly believes that a well- groomed outer persona coupled with superior interpersonal skills is a winning combination in any field.

While some of our skills are inherent, other skills some need to be learnt, honed & practiced. Even a diamond needs some amount of ‘Polishing’ to enhance its brand value !

Urmila Mitra Chandy

Urmila Mitra Chandy

Urmila is a trained Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist, whereby she helps individuals project an appropriate, authentic, attractive & powerful image. She helps them to enhance their personal appearance through a thorough understanding of their own personality type, Body shape, Face shape & how to bring about balance in their Roles & Goals. This in turn helps in enhancing the balance between ‘Work & Life’. Evaluation of one’s lifestyle, including wardrobe management, Clustering techniques & a personal shopping experience helps the client to understand how to manage their wardrobe. Knowledge of corporate grooming & Power Dressing along with the Semiotics of Clothing & psychology of colours enhances one’s self-confidence levels & affects other people’s perception about them.

Urmila Mitra Chandy

Urmila Mitra Chandy

Image management is very different from a superfluous ‘make-over’, as that brings about only external ‘one-time’ changes in the way one projects oneself. Instead, Urmila believes in incorporating an in-depth ‘sense’ of Personal Grooming, Power-Dressing, Body language & Etiquette, that enables one to make everyday adaptation depending on their changing roles & goals.

It is a hugely empowering feeling. It is a proven fact that higher confidence leads to better performance. Better performance takes us closer to our goals.

Urmila has added sheen to her knowledge with a Master Diploma in Soft Skills & Life Skills coaching with Indian Institute of Training & Development (IITD Bangalore). Urmila is passionate about Training & nurturing individuals into ‘wholesome personalities’ with her commitment towards Excellence.

A well groomed persona coupled with superior inter-personal skills is a winning combination in any field.

Empower.Enrich. Evolve…the way forward.

Be YOURSELF… but be the BEST version.

He who is different is remembered.

Grass is not Greener on the other side. Grass is Greener where you water it.

Invest in yourself- YOU are your greatest Asset.

There is no such thing as Second, third & fourth impressions.

Rat-race is only for Rats. Be an Eagle…. Soar above the crowds.


At Finishing Touches Image Consulting, we strongly believe that training & coaching empowers people by bringing about a subliminal shift in their attitude, belief, intention & action. It thereby improves their efficiency in their Professional, Personal & Social lives. Change and Progress go hand in hand. We aim to churn out wholesome personalities, groomed inside-out, who will ‘Stand-apart’. We strictly believe that a “Rat-race is only for Rats. In-order to soar above the crowds, one needs to be an Eagle!!!”


Constant up skilling & upgrading is the key to success.Without a forward thrust, we will find ourselves at the same place that we were at yesterday.While we all get busy trying to decode the meaning of life’s hidden forces, most of us miss out on honing & practicing these basic but essential Life skills.


We at Finishing Touches Image Consulting believe in partnering with our clients to fulfil their organization’s training requirements through effective training interventions. By meticulously understanding & studying organization’s needs, we create customized modules & workshops that are delivered with passion & commitment.